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Janell Ward is an American author who graduated from Kingston University with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing where she also completed her poetry dissertation, "Stained Blue." Janell has three published books and has written for journals, blogs, and papers. 

Her love and dedication to the history and future of poetry, inspired her to begin her own company, Reward Publishing--

"There are a lot of fabulous poets who do not receive recognition because they are unpublished. I wanted to create a company that aims to publish new poets and give them the confidence to continue in their writing career. It is rewarding for me to publish new authors." said Janell. 

Janell also aims to use Reward Publishing to bring awareness to social injustice around the globe. "Poetry can be used to help those in need, and that is also one of the rewards of writing. I named this company Reward Publishing, because experiencing good writing is like being wealthy. I also know that I feel rewarded and joyful when I assist others around the world." 

In her spare time, Janell loves to travel. She considers her two homes to be Midwest America and London, England. She has studied in several countries including Switzerland, Romania, and Germany. She also enjoys the outdoors and can normally be found hiking in her free time. 

About the Founder 

Janell Ward 

Founder of Reward Publishing