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In boxer shorts or thin nightgowns
her classmates had fallen for the tricks
as they stepped out of their dormitories
to lie down on the ground,
looking for mercy from the holy soldiers.

In shaky voices the boys and girls
made their last calls to their parents,
their cries kept in check by
the cold, merciless weapons
pressed against their temples.

Easy, remorseless killing
carried out in the name of God:
those who pleaded 'Jesus, help us'
were gunned down the soonest
while they spared the ones who could
recite in the holy language.

No one would have suspected
this break of dawn, an hour
for the believers' first prayers.
There were so many of them on the classroom
floor that there was hardly any space left
for all the students to lie down.

Shivering in the wardrobe for two days,
with nothing to drink except body lotion
she heard gunshots close enough
to break her. Her classmates collapsed
among the bloodied desks and chairs.
She mourned, without a sound, for the price of faith.

By: Jennifer Wong

 Garissa by Jennifer Wong Copyright Reward Publishing 2020