Mother Teresa said, “If we have no peace it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Suffering has and is taking place all across our globe. Abuse and injustice floods our world. But not every story has been told, and not every person has been spoken for. It is easy to displace the reality of dark slums where hungry children live, or the turmoil of a teenager who was never adopted. We get busy with our lives and forget the men and women who have fled slavery or families who died in the brutality of war. Then again, we too easily lose sight of those who have struggled with mental torment such as suicidal thoughts and anxiety.  

This book is a tribute to those who have endured hidden hardships in war, famine, and terrorism, and who are currently suffering from disease, physical or mental abuse, social stigmas, and injustices worldwide. These poems are also for those who have gone before us into death – the innocent who died without justice. I believe writing is purposed to make difference in our culture. This life we lead is short, and we are given a small time to help other people. I hope these poems speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, for those who have no voice.

Several topics are included in this collection. Some poems discuss specific scenarios while others cover large themes of devastation. The included poems have been deeply considered, and many tears have been shed during the editing process of this anthology. Sadly, we could not cover every injustice that has been inflicted throughout history. If you do not find your story in these poems, please know that you are not forgotten, and we are disheartened that you have borne distress.

The title, “The Sound of Daybreak” is meant to be a symbol of hope for those who are enduring dark conditions. Reward Publishing is making a sound through poetry for the good of others. I hope the words of this book shatter the gloom, usher the light of awareness, and vindicate the innocent.

                                                                 JANELL WARD

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Dedication from Editor, Janell Ward

Social Justice Poetry Anthology 

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This book is dedicated to those who have suffered injustice or affliction;  

may you hurt no more, may you know that you are loved,

and may these words bring you comfort and freedom. 

The Sound of Daybreak 

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