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The dirt on their feet
Smothers their soles. A swarm of flies,
And a sunburnt back
Form a glazed illumination.
Orphans with no home
Are left in an expanding gyre
With no escape or justice;
Have we forgotten their suffering?

A baby cries for his mother,
But she is many miles away
Trying to make ends meet.
Poverty floods the gutters
And straw huts where people live.
Sewage seeps over the land
Like a swamp, spreading residue
And contamination.

By: Zoe Maynard 

Open Your Eyes by Zoe Maynard Copyright Reward Publishing 2020


His worn out ankles wobble,
As he walks along the gutter.
His sandals hang off his youthful heels.
Perspiration ripples over his protruding ribs.

His nostrils flare from the aromas
of spicy foods from across the street.
His stomach roars, rattling his ribcage as
customers leave their waste near the bins.

He cannot take his hunger any longer.
He can only bite into another long day of starvation.

By: Zoe Maynard 

Ribcage by Zoe Maynard Copyright Reward Publishing 2020