I hope I brought you more
than a few pennies.
I hope I brought you enough
to pay the rent on our dilapidated hut, enough
to move out and buy some land.

I hope you traded my body
for cash to keep our taps running and
the electricity on and
for a supply of food that will last
through the year.

I hope you traded my innocence away
for paper and a broken pencil, enough
to keep my sister in school.
I hope you traded my trust
for the chance to see another day-

break, another sun-
set, another life
not lost
to the misfortune
of being born poor.

I hope that when I'm forcibly taken
into death, you will move far, far away—
away from the drugs,
away from the worn-out
poker tables at the back of street alleys.

I hope that in every corner
in your new home you will see shadows
of a little girl who had to grow
up too fast. I hope the memory of me haunts
you in your sleeping hours and all
of your waking ones.

I hope I die before you,
so I can close the gates of heaven.
I’ll hear you cry from hell,
and I'll laugh because no hell
is worse than the one you
thrust me into.

I     hope    I     drag     you     in.

 By: Ng Li Qin 

Hopes and Dreams by Ng Li Qin Copyright Reward Publishing 2020

Note from Editor, Janell Ward on  "Hopes and Dreams"

This beautifully written poem is from the perspective of a child forced into sex-labor. The anger and resentment here can be felt through each line, and is meant to act as the voice for those who were unable to share their pain. While Reward Publishing desires forgiveness and healing, we also understand that pain and suffering can cause real human emotion of hate. This poem is on behalf of the hatred felt for the wounds caused. Although as a company, we hope that all people who have gone through abuse find peace and forgiveness toward those who put them through darkness. Our hearts our with you. Our love is with you. We ultimately encourage a forgiving spirit toward those who have done us wrong. We pray for you all who have suffered, that you may find peace. Many blessings - Janell Ward 

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