Tell her
she is going on holiday.

Smuggle her
into a dingy hovel.

Hold her,
ignoring her screams.

Butcher her
with a rusty blade.

Stitch her
with a clumsy needle.

Condemn her
to a life without womanhood.

By: Sue Barnard

The Unkindest Cut by Sue Barnard Copyright Reward Publishing 2020


Sue Barnard was born in North Wales but has lived most of her life in and around Manchester. She is an editor, award-winning poet, and the author of six novels: The Ghostly Father, Nice Girls Don'tThe Unkindest Cut of All,Never on Saturday, Heathcliff: The Missing Years and Finding Nina. Barnard graduated from Durham University with a BA in French. Her poems appear in various anthologies including Best of Manchester Poets Vol 2 and Best of Manchester Poets Vol 3.  She currently lives in Cheshire with her husband, and she enjoys writing parody poetry. She is greatly inspired by the writings of Shakespeare.

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