​Neelam Shah is a adhoc specialist note taker and support worker for ranstad and freelance research analyst/writer/reporter for fintech pharmaceuticals. In her spare time she enjoys tutoring online, painting, photography and travelling. She is passionate about several forms of writing including writing blogs and articles, creative writing poems, and short stories. Currently she is a political lobbysit and a Unicef Children Champion.



Let us shower the world with drops of love and humility,
wash ourselves with the spray of calmness,
and eradicate any hatred, anger, or frustration 
we have inside.

Let us climb the branches of happiness. 
As a nation we can protest against conflict,
and live in harmony amongst one another;
we do not need violence.

Let us put an end to all negative thoughts, 
evoke feelings of joy, splendor, and amusement,
laugh, smile, and relax as
waves of tranquility drowned us. 

If only we would

                  let peace be the journey.

By: Neelam Shaw

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