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This year, we are asking our poets to submit poems on places they visited. The poems can be about the culture, the people, or a moment on a trip or just a place that made an impact. 

So tell us! Where have you been? What has touched you, changed you, and given you new breath? Our editors love to read vivid details and surprising language. 

All countries and cultures welcome to submit! We love our international family of published authors. We hope that you will be our next! 

Submission Guidelines 

  • Submissions must be sent via email only to RewardPublishing.Edtior@gmail.com 
  • Include the subject line: Online Poetry Submission 2023
  • Attachments must be submitted in a Word Document and pasted in the body of the email as well
  • Please send a maximum of two poems
  • Please ensure they are under 50 lines 
  • Include a cover letter with your Name and Contact Information 
  • We will email you back within six weeks if we decide to publish your poem! 
  • Poems must NOT be published elsewhere.​You MUST contact us if your poem is published elsewhere after submission. 
  • ​All themes are accepted except Erotica