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February 2016 Featured Poet 

In the Orchard

When the heat of late summer blankets

the island, I steal out after dark,
like a thief looking to recapture

the memories of an earlier era.

Sometimes I go naked into the night
after the ozone proof panels
have been retracted and the hum of
atmospheric filters are silenced.

I slink around the agro domes
that glow like large luminous mushrooms,
hoping to remember the way
to the old orchard.

In a patch of darkness

I suddenly feel the bliss of a real breeze.
My body tingles in the dusty warm air mingled
with the pollen of a few rogue weeds.

Tonight, the path lies ahead
brightened by that steady satellite,
the one we could always rely on
to show us the way  beneath the trees.

Slower now, I lumber towards
the very spot where we devoured your
peach and blackberry pie, exchanged so many
soft whispers and kisses full of promise.

There are still a few trees gnarled with age.
Rotten fruits cover the ground where
no wasps or birds garner their sweet remains.
They too are gone  All gone like you.

By: Irene Bloom 

About Author: 

Irene Bloom is a Seattle native whose work is inspired by her world travels, love of language, and sharing the written word with others. Her poems have appeared in Poetry Super Highway, Drash Northwest Mosaic, Voices Israel, the Poetry Box, Kind of a Hurricane Press and Poetica Magazine