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 Dean O'Reilly is a 17 year old, Irish Poet. Poetry for him is an escape into a world of freedom. He believes that poetry does not serve limitations but in fact, unending opportunity. Currently, O'Reilly is completing his Leaving Certificate exams. He is set to continue his work with youth organisations. This year, he won "Write the Future Campaign" with Goal Global. He also finds enjoyment in Biology and Business. In the coming year he is looking to study Psychology. 

Year 5

I entered with a heart of fear and an eye of fright, 
with hands trembling and a croaking voice, 
a rattled mind spindled by overwhelming gleam. 

Circumvented by those of great stature, I fell to the knees of knowledge. 
With sallow skin and blossom buds I was christened into understanding. 
The walls were works of art, but my perception painted them as caves. 

I wished to go unnoticed and unbothered. 

It was with a heart of fear and eye of fright that I rose to adversity. 
Cast down were all those that opposed me. 
Taking grip of youthful innocence I transcended expectation. 

Now, with a heart of hope and an eye of insight I survey the future. 
I look to my aspirations. 
I pray to my belonging. 

​By: Dean O'Reilly 

Featured Poet of July 2016