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About Poet - Jake Edgar

Jake Edgar is a poet, story writer, and journalist. He resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and four children. He draws inspiration from the overwhelming inequality in the world and from reading writers from diverse backgrounds. He is a fan of Maggie Nelson, Chen Chen, and Roberto Bolaño, among many other artists. His work has appeared in Concis: A Journal of BrevityThe Pointed Circle, and the Bellwether Review. Jake's latest piece, a short story, was published in The Grief Diaries

Flagstaff, Arizona - 2002

The gas station 
on our way to California,  
with my mother
and her sickly husband,
who I had not yet learned
how to love, seems to slip away
and manifest in some place
where snow is possible
even in late April.   

I use my child eyes
to memorize, not the
landscape, or the smell
or the sound of my step father
grunting as he steps out of   
the car.

I remember only the falling
the event itself
I remember only the way my head
craned upwards, deeper and deeper
into the sky,
as if peering into it
would explain
what no one around me could.

By: Jake Edgar 

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