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Featured Poet of November 2016


My Spirit is delight,
I know not why.
A mischievous scent whisks by as auroral whispers roar.
The earth shivers beneath feet,
calling the feral instinct that lurks at each fingertip.
The air chants at ear,
arousing the delirious warmth tucked away in my chest.
I’ve never felt so vicious,
So Awake.

​By: Zuri Zephyrus

​​Zuri Zephyrus is an American poet currently living in New York. Both her art and poetry have been featured in literary magazines such as Driftwood and the Promethean. In 2015, she was Reward Publishing's featured poet for her poem "Full Moon." Her poem "Awake" touches on the theme of thankfulness during the month of November. "Awake" portrays the gratitude of  being alive.