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Kidest Zewdie Mitike is a 20 year old, spoken word artists, and written poet. She was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At the age of 16 she moved to the United States. For Kidest, poetry is a way of understanding and expressing some of the most intricate thoughts, free of any kind of restriction or prejudice. She derives poetic inspiration from simple daily activities and anecdotes. Kidest is currently a third year student pursuing Bachelor of Art degrees in Health Care Administration and Health Sciences. After graduation, Kidest plans to work in underdeveloped countries. 


  Hide and Seek

  Don’t you love finding things you lost?
  I found you, my most valuable possession,
  After three full years of searching.

  Last time I saw you, we were at the airport.
  So I started searching away from home;
  I boarded a plane and hit the road,
  Closed my eyes and wandered off,
  In search for you, my beloved one.

  I walked from the east hemisphere
  To the west. I crawled through the rut
  Of third-world countries, all the way
  To the uncultured first-word riches,
  Searching for you, my beloved one.

  But you were good at hiding.
  You were nowhere to be found.
  So I went home to where you used to be.
  And I found you in my bedroom,
  Your body limp and lifeless, suspended

  From the ceiling. But I found you,
  My beloved one, my dad. 

Featured Poet of September 2016